The Bands

The Loose Heels

Retro & Original Country Music

Fit Fer Dancin'

Mannequin BBQ

wierdo-pop in 3 part harmony

Opal-Thistle Pistol Sisters

sassy sister harmony - vintage quirky country


original and intriguing

lyrics, harmony, and antics

Cami Voss

Solo Piano and Vocals

charming old country flair

Music for your next event! Large or small. Solo piano/vocals, sassy-saucy-retro country duo (Opal-Thistle Pistol Sisters or Clamshell), quirky-harmonious pop trio (Mannequin BBQ), or full-on 6pc country band (The Loose Heels). Gimme a holler  and I'll give you a quote! or The

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Hi there! I am recording and posting a song a day while shelter-in-place during this COVID situation. You can find the songs on Facebook or on my new YouTube channel. I'd be mighty obliged if you'd be so kind as to hit the SUBSCRIBE button. Boy oh boy I CANNOT wait to play with my band mates again when we are in the clear! Be well!

Here is the YouTube channel-



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